Board Members

Keishin Sasaki
President & CEO – e-solutions, inc.


Jan.1999 – PresentPresident & CEO, e-solutions, inc.
Aug.2019 – Present THE PAAVO JÄRVI MUSIC FOUNDATION Advisory Board member
Jul.2019 – PresentScience Visiting Scientist, MIT Institute for Medical Eng.
Dec.2018 – PresentAdvisory Board member, MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative
Jun.2017 – PresentMember of the International Council of the Metropolitan Opera
Jun.2017 – PresentMember of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Feb.2016 – PresentGuest Professor, Keio University
Aug.2013 – PresentAdvisory Board Member, Space Time Insight, Inc.
Nov.2012 – PresentFounder, SAKURAPROJECT Inc.
Dec.2004 – PresentPresident & CEO, NC Medical Research Inc.
Aug.2001 – PresentDirector, Green ARM co., Ltd.
Jul.2001 – PresentSenior manager, Institute for Strategic Leadership (NPO)
Jul.2001 – PresentSenior manager, Institute for Strategic Leadership (NPO)
May.2014 – Jun.2016Outside Director, Imagica Robot Holdings, Inc.
Apr.2013 – Mar.2017Guest Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management Keio University
Apr.2011 – Feb.2012Member of Study Group of the Reconstruction Design Council in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake by the Government of Japan
Sep.2009 – June.2013President & CEO, Smart City Planning Co.
Nov.2009 – May.2013Specially Appointed Professor, Graduate School of Policy and Media Keio University
Jul.2009 – Sep.2016FDC Center Chairman, (FDC Director), Future Design Center Incorporated Association
Jul.2002 – Mar.2014Supervisor, Japan Return Program
Jan.1992 – Jan.1999Director of Business Planning Department, SoftBank Corp.
Jun.1989 – Dec.1991Formerly Booz & Company (current Strategy&.)
Apr.1984 – Sep.1986Nippon Kokan, Inc. (current JFE Steel Corporation)


Graduated in Jun. 1989Master of Science in Management, MIT Sloan School of Management
Graduated in Mar. 1984Master of Science in Instrumental Engineering, Keio University
Graduated in Mar. 1982Bachelor of Science in Instrumental Engineering, Keio University

Noriyuki Jishi
Executive Officer Vice President – e-solutions, inc.


June.2019 – Present

Executive Officer Vice President, e-solutions, inc.

Nov.2015 – Mar.2018


Jul.2014 – June.2019

Executive Vice President, e-solutions, inc.

Jul.2007 – June.2014Vice President, e-solutions, inc.
Dec.2014 – PresentDirector, NC Medical Research Inc.
Feb.2005 – June.2007Director, e-solutions, inc.
Apr.2004 – Jan.2005General Manager, e-solutions, inc.
Jul.2002 – Mar.2004President & CEO, Nepri Inc.
June.2001 – June.2002Managing Director, Nepri Inc.
Apr.1990 – Jan.2005Intec, Inc.


Apr.2010 – Sep.2010The University of Tokyo, Executive Management Program (EMP)
Graduated in Mar. 1990Bachelor of Science in Economics, Toyama University 
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