Our Mission – where we strive

With corporate environment transforming dramatically the challenges we face are now shaping differently both in quality and quantity. This challenges us. Because conventional consulting methods and approaches can no longer help us grasp the essence of “the Mechanism of the Problems”. (This is similar to new virus change its form and become resistant to conventional medicine.)

e-solutions take the speed-focused approach called “Hypothesis Execution Approach”. And with our experience-based observation we analyze challenges and focus on getting to the essence of “the Mechanism of the Problems”. At the same time we focus on speed. Once we finish validation process, we kick-start projects based on hypothesis. Thankfully, our hypothesis has often lands in the good range. Next key part is the process. This determines how fast we can solve challenges. “Business Produce” (clear roles and responsibility among business and structuring robust strategic partners) is crucial. I often refer our method to orchestra. Include top players for each music instrument and yet instead of having individual player to show-off, we focus on how we can harmonize them all… What we do is similar to conducting an orchestra balancing to harmonize as one piece of music.

We also put an importance on developing next generation. Along with “Hypothesis Execution Approach” and “Business Produce” we are putting together the environment to foster “Near Future Professional Team.”

Now that the role of corporate service and responsibility is becoming more significant, I am both excited and grateful that we can contribute in many ways.

President & CEO Keishin Sasaki




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