Exploerd busienss opportunities for “high sensitivity and high speed” biosensor technology which helps ealry detection of Ebola hemorrhagic fever.(2)


During the period when Ebola outbreak was reportd, we assisted a Japanese manufacture that owns biosensor technology that leads to an early detection of the Ebola virrus. We studied its business opprtunieis and presented infromation to assist their market entry decision making.

How to build a profitable business

In the conventional business model it was difficult to monetize on Ebola virus detection machine alone. They needed to find ways to make this a profitable business.  To assist, we compiled a sales plan and entire strategy for Ebola virus detection kit in view of maximizing their aptamer business.  The challenge was that the detection machine pricing had to be lower in countries in Africa compared to the pricing in advanced countries.  This meant that building profitable business outside of Japan was difficult. Yet, the need in Japan was still partial providing only small business opportunities.

Explored business opportunities from potential demands

We identified target segment for potential patients and presented its revenue impact. A total of 21 targets were extracted including from local medical institutions, international security forces, overseas diplomatic missions, to border checkpoints, etc. And based on the locations that the detection could take place we ran a survey on 34 countries in 7 regions. This revealed that the market size exceeded the original estimate, including latency period test etc.

 Our role

In analyzing target segment etc., we hosted interviews with experts from various organizations such as Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and put together critical information for their decision making regarding business entry. In addition, because it was assumed that it would be difficult to monetize the detection machine alone, we engaged with investment companies and managed to receive investment proposals for aptamer business. We laid the foundation for new business revenue stream.


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