Investigation conducted on new business idea which was targeted towards elderly people


Supported a Japanese electronic manufacture in their investigation on new business development which was targeted towards elderly people

Investigation on new business idea which was targeted towards elderly people

It is reported that the proportion of elderly people in the population of Japan reaches 32% in 2030 and 41% in 2055.  Japan is said to be “advanced country of aging”.

Japanese electronic manufacture A was considering a new business targeted towards elderly people using their own network services and devices. Using our knowledge which we have gained through our past consulting and research projects in this field, we assisted them with  their new business strategy development.


Business selection based on our abundant know-how

There is a research data that says that more than half of the elderly people in the research, the rage of activities is often within 1 km in radius. This lead us to believe that as aging progresses, commercial area narrows as well, meaning that the shopping, entertainment, communication could be invigorated within such defined area where elderly people live. Therefore, when considering this project, it was important to “build a new touch point” in line with the defined commercial area and make an “alignment with existing service platforms.”

With view of creating “touch points” to monitor “elderly people’s status of health”, we highlighted the needs from elderly people and conducted an analysis on advanced successful cases. Based on this we designed three business: Meal Management Service, Exercise Management Service and Medicine Management Service. And we made sure that these three services are tied with pharmacy, fitness club, retailer, local government where health information and point programs are shared so that the business operators have access to elderly people.


Built revenue model and execution plan

To make this socially beneficial projects sustainable, we designed 2 revenue models: device & web service subscription model (solution based) and advert revenue model ( revenue sharing based). We also presented the revenue simulation based on service unit fee, number of elderly people targeted and expected share and provided an execution plan.


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