Public-Private Partnership. Supported the export of water leakage detention system (2015)


With the aim to export IoT water leakage detection system developed by a major electronic manufacture, we compiled a packaged deployment strategy including water leakage system based on the smart community evaluation method built together with Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC). Also promoted the public-private partnership concerning social infrastructure export.

Loss caused by water leakage is 3 billion dollars per day globally

World Bank report says that the water leakage is happening at the size of 45 million square meters each day (equivalent of 36 Tokyo Domes) at developing countries, which accounts for economic loss of over 3 billion dollars. Water infrastructure management is necessary to ensure to provide safe water to many people.


Focus on making the city smart

A Japanese electronic manufacture collaborated with a European R&D institute and developed water leakage detention system aiming to create new business opportunities whilst improving the water leakage issues in developing nations. We supported them in building overseas deployment business strategy for this product.

Based on the market size and existing network, we first examined deploying to Suzhou, China. In addition to the study and analysis on market size, candidates for business operators, profitability, we also ran interviews with city’s administrative department and local engineering company, therewith ran a first PoC on the hypothesis.

We also made sure that our proposal would be in line with the Suzhou Industrial Park, which is a smart city development plan promoted since 2011 by Suzhou city. Using the smart community evaluation method developed with JBIC, we compiled an export deployment strategy involving other solutions owned by the company with view to making the city smart, instead of selling one solution.


Supported Public-Private Partnership

Abe Cabinet endorsed the “Infrastructure system export strategy “in May 2013. In line with this strategy, we promoted the information sharing sessions to discuss initiatives in Suzhou city and how to build Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to promote the social infrastructure export expansion including water IoT solutions via public-private partnership.


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