Supported the Rebuilding of the Corporate Brand (2004)


One of the major real estate companies was facing the challenge of low rating of the corporate brand. We provided support with this challenge by analyzing the mechanism of the challenge and studying the successful cases of other companies from different industry. This helped them rebuild their corporate brand with the notion of “cooperate as a whole.”

Background of the project

The company was increasing their corporate value with their onshore and offshore real estate projects and had competitive advantages. However, despite the large advertisement investment their corporate brand was rated low in peer comparison.


How we addressed this challenge

We conducted a peer comparison regarding corporate image using statistic data, researched regarding external messaging ( advert, etc.), and studied strategies of successful cases of other leading companies in different industry based on the relevant terms such as publicness and B2C.

Based on the learnings from such research, we compiled a strategy and suggested that they  integrate corporate branding with their products therewith improve sales activities. Also suggested that the corporate branding to be part of the key messaging for the flagship projects, large scale commercial facility projects. This would raise awareness, take root and deliver messages.


Total optimization for Corporate Branding

We suggested that they establish cross-functional corporate branding strategy development committee. With this we suggested that each stakeholder (end-user, originator, investor) maintain consistent communication, therewith generate synergy effects with product branding from each department.

Our recommendation also included the potential of further synergy effects by integrating with other development projects and its groundbreaking ceremony and opening PR activities . This would generate synergetic effect attracting attention for development projects while furthering the corporate brand.


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