Supported to develop Social Responsibility Marketing Strategy 


We provided to Japanese retails chain with recommended strategy regarding CSR marketing which enables the coexistence of corporate profit and social responsibility. Thanks to the actions towards global warming and waste issues, this retailer gained more preferred impression from consumers.

 Negative impression: Not environmentally friendly

Large portion of consumers have negative impression towards 24-hour open convenience store. Typical impression held against them was that they waste energies and generate food waste.  The company has initiated environmentally friendly activity to reduce the usage of shopping bags and they hold the industry-lowest CO2 emission volume per 100 million-yen sales and yet this retail chain convenience store was struggling to downplay such negative impression due to lack of messaging.


 CSR Marketing: Corporate Profit coexisting with Social Responsibility

CSR Marketing is a CSR / PR activities where corporate profit and social responsibility coexist. This has helped improve corporate image as well as profit for many companies. We compiled and recommended a CSR marketing strategy to this retail group focused on environment topic.


Impression Improvement via Support towards Global Warming and Waste Issues

Analysis on their competitors’ environmentally friendly activities revealed that companywide actions such as donation and alignment with multiple touchpoints were one of the success factors. Based on this discovery, we compiled 4 core strategies. We selected the topics that consumers were interested in and the topic that they are able to contribute which were global warming and waste issues. The 4 core strategies also included the idea to diversify donation approach via products where certain percentage of proceeds goes donation and collaboration with mass media / social media. We also built execution plan with clear roles and responsibilities. This resulted in the increased number of consumers who has better impression towards this retailer regarding the environmental issues.




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