Supported US startup with next generation display in their entry to Japanese market


Supported US startup to enter Japan with their next generation display that bear potential to change the way communication takes place.  

Next Generation Display Technology

An US startup company developed a next generation display technology with special features such as “Seamless Display Connection,” “Energy Saving,” and “No need for additional Air Conditioning.” This technology addresses the conventional challenges tied with large size displays such as low image quality, need for additional electronic power and air conditioning and the challenges in installation. This could replace traditional displays.

 This display had potential to change the way education, entertainment and commutation take place today. For example, with this you could create a space with all-wall-display at large commercial facility creating the environment where you can experience nature with animals, or a space to enjoy symphony. In anticipation of their high potential, we assisted their entry to Japanese market.


Door-opening activities to leading companies to help their entry

To assist their entry to Japan, we did door opening activities with 15 leading companies in each industry so that this display will be known to them .We also analyzed industry trend, strategy, and decision-making processes. We also prepared showroom with 10 meter X 2 meter display so that that they can experience this special display. With this we increased the chance of successful door-openings with the 15 leading companies.


Made suggestions to sales team structure

In addition, learning from a leading IT company that is running with high profitability with high growth rate, we assisted them to build core-solution based sales team. In this structure, they manage with consulting-based sales addressing industry leading companies and create successful cases first then they share such success with roller-type sales team which enables the efficient sales process.


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