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WHYWhy do we work on social issues?
For a bright future
The reason we work on social issues

Our Aspiration:
The success of businesses allows us, and future generations, to enjoy a better standard of living. However, neither businesses or people exist in a vacuum—both need a sustainable society to thrive. e-solutions is appreciative of the society we thrive in, and we aspire to better our society, by shepherding business solutions that can also help alleviate some of the issues faced in our community.

WHATWhat do we aim for?
Achieve business and social issue solutions
Designing a sustainable business

We aim to Creating Shared Value (CSV), which is a combination of economic value through business that leverages a company’s competitiveness and social value created by solving social issues through business.

HOWHow do we achieve this?
Business creation and coordination
Being the ‘Conductor’

The goal of using ‘business creation and coordination’ to better our community cannot be pursued by ourselves alone – We work with a variety of partners to advance our business and solve social issues. An orchestra conductor cannot play the instruments themselves. But just as importantly, the conductor can direct the orchestra, using their understanding of the strengths of each musician. The direction of who should play, at which timing, and how should they play, in order to create the best harmony,is a key function in an orchestral production. We view ourselves much like a conductor, producing new business opportunity creation with our orchestra of partners.


Three Axes of ‘Business Creation and Coordination’ Activities

  1. 1Social Problems

    Rather than blindly accepting the status quo, we take on challenges that can help positively impact our community, in order to help contribute to a more sustainable society.

  2. 2Future Design

    We look beyond the immediacy of problems and seek to design for the future. We aspire to help create a “legacy” of continually positive impact in our community and society.

  3. 3Sustainability

    We look to drive new streams of high-value, sustainable business to our partners. This value creation can be essential in leaving a long-term, positive impact on our community.

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