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Personal information provided through this website for purposes such as inquiries, requests for information materials, and employment-related inquiries will be appropriately protected within the scope of the purposes of use in accordance with the following privacy policy.

Personal information submitted through this website

We may ask you to provide personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, address through this website in response to inquiries, requests for information materials, or employment inquiries. However, providing this information is done at your own discretion.

How submitted personal information may be used

Personal information provided by customers for the purpose of inquiries, requests for information materials, or employment inquiries will be used only within the scope of those purposes.

Security measures taken to protect personal information

To ensure the secure management and usage of personal information, we implement reasonable and appropriate security measures to prevent risks such as unauthorized external access, loss, damage, destruction, falsification, leakage, and unauthorized leakage outside the company of the personal information. Furthermore, a personal information protection manager is appointed to ensure appropriate management of personal information, and employee training on protection of personal information is conducted.

Management of personal information
  • Received personal information will not be disclosed or published to third parties without the customer’s consent, except as permitted by law.
  • When we receive a request from a customer to disclose their personal information, we will promptly disclose it after confirming their identity.
Adhering to protection of personal information
  • We will take necessary and appropriate security control measures to prevent leakage, loss, damage, and destruction of personal information and to manage it securely.
  • In the unlikely event of an accident such as the leakage of personal information occurs, we will strive to minimize losses related to such incidents through prompt action.
Review of personal information protection policy
  • We strive to protect your personal information by continuously improving our personal information protection system.
  • We will comply with laws and other regulations related to the protection of personal information.
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