Promote wider usage of “Next generation” Air Cleaner

Promote wider usage of “Next generation” Air Cleaner
Project Summary

Established a new market deployment policy for “next generation” air cleaner developed by a domestic major manufacturer. And promoted its wide usage via deployment to corporates by industry.

The birth of a “next generation” air cleaner by innovation
Conventional air cleaner takes the air into the built-in filter and through this process it removes bacteria and viruses. These conventional machines were commonly used at home. The “next generation” air cleaner developed by a domestic major manufacturer was designed to emit ion. This enables to inactivate “adhering bacteria ,” such as mold growing on the wall, rather than just fights against the bacteria and virus in the closed space. We took this functionality advantage as a differentiating factor and developed a business development strategy and promoted the use among corporates.

All “closed spaces” are the potential markets
In examining new market entry, shifting from then traditional thinking with conventional air cleaners, we targeted the entire closed space as target market. This revealed the potential market at 2,5 trillion yen. And based on our recommendations, segmentation was conducted based on the three axes, 1) spatial scale, 2) oligopoly rate / ripple effect, and 3) the number of users. Following the segmentation, based on the sales priority, it was decided to go after automotive, railway, real estate, aviation, food, retail, medical, and so forth.

Solution developed based on the industry-based challenges
Based on the in-depth investigation via interviews among major segments, and by taking sales structure into consideration, it was decided to develop and suggest below 5 solutions:

  1. Fight against H1N1 influenza: facility with large number of people with important tasks (such as corporate head office)
  2. Prevent low productivity due to allergen
  3. Fight against mold at hotels / restaurants
  4. Kill smells at EC distribution center
  5. Prevent infection at restaurants

Top to top approach at leading companies
Based on the above five solutions, we did the door opening for over 50 leading companies across industries leveraging our strong network. For example, with major fast fashion company, the air cleaner deployment at distribution centers and fitting rooms contributed for better product turnover ratio and back office operation improvement because it killed the smoking smell that used to be left on clothes from transportation process and perfume scents left on clothes from customers trying the clothes and perfume scents on returned item.

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