Study conducted on overseas model cases on asset management

Study conducted on overseas model cases on asset management
Project Summary

A domestic IT company was aiming to create new business in social infrastructure field. To assist, we investigated overseas model cases of asset management concerning social infrastructure. This information helped them prepare for new business opportunity.

Japan with accelerated aging social infrastructure
In Japan social infrastructure was intensively developed in 1970s. After 50 years of the service life they will have all become aged within 10 years. According to the report by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, of the 700,000 bridges across the nation, the bridges that are over 50 years since the construction counts at 18% in 2013, and this ratio continues to go up to 43% in 10 years and up to 67% in 20 years. This means that under the financial difficulties that the government faces, they need to put in place the efficient maintenance and management of social infrastructure.

New business development through integrated asset management
With the aging infrastructure, efficient running of the existing operations is becoming more important by streamlining and consolidating databases, software, hardware concerning infrastructure & assets management. A domestic IT company was considering cross-sectoral asset management business in social infrastructure involving roads and water supply as new business opportunity.

Asset management initiatives of overseas model cases
We divided the overall structure of social infrastructure business into business operators, solution vendors, and market / society. On that basis, advanced cases of road, bridge and water asset management in the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. were studies and analyzed based on the following 5 keys: 1) outline of the business, 2) their initiatives, 3) structure of the solutions they deployed, 4) overview of the solution vendor, and 5) impacts.
Thereafter we highlighted the 5 commonalities and provided recommendations to the IT company to assist their new business development.

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