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  • Promoting the market cultivation in the areas of Cyber Security / Solution

Promoting the market cultivation in the areas of Cyber Security / Solution

Promoting the market cultivation in the areas of Cyber Security / Solution
Project Summary

While the number of cyber-related crimes is rising and the cyber security market is rapidly expanding, we interviewed with government officials and corporate top management on this topic. We highlighted the risks and areas with large impacts then ran an analysis on the challenges. Then highlighted requirements to enhance cyber security.

Expansion of cyber security market
With the explosive spread of cyberspace and integration with real space, the quantity of cyber-related crime is increasing and its qualitative change is also observed. Against a backdrop of this, there is a concern towards serious damages and cyber security market is rapidly expanding.

Factors impeding the expansion of cyber security in Japan
Capturing this as an opportunity some major electric manufacturers were seeking to deploy into the security market, however some challenges were highlighted:
Lack of knowledge regarding threat of cyber-attacks
Introduction of cyber security measures does not directly contribute to corporate profits
Lack of funding for cyber security
These are the examples of challenges hindering Japanese major electronics manufacturers’ from developing this new market.

Identifying important measures through interviews with government officials
e-solutions, conducted interviews with government officials. We then identified necessary measures such as boosting the level of security policies at government as well as corporate environments, and establishing the to-be security model for critical infrastructures.

Supported market development execution plan in key segments
Some segments are more vulnerable in terms of impacts in the event of attacks, such as municipalities and electric power industries. Therefore we focused on those segments and ran analysis on issues and needs. Then developed a framework in case of such attaches and highlighted requirements necessary to develop security talents. We then supported in compiling execution plan to enter into Cyber Security Solution.

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