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Project Summary

There are many types of preventive measures in life such as prevention of illness and care for wellness. Sometimes people choose an incorrect preventive measure due to not knowing what the right preventive measure is, which risks damaging one’s health. With this in mind, we felt that if we could predict and present the risk of developing possible future diseases and propose preventive measures based on established medical evidence, health will be improved based on correct preventive actions. We are currently working on achieving the realization of the concept through acquiring collaboration from specialists and specialized corporations, and building the project overview.

Examination of Issues
There are many types of preventive measures in life such as a low-carb diet, but it is important to choose appropriate and correct measures for each person out of the many different preventive measures. One element of concern is that people sometimes choose a wrong preventive measure for their situation, and it ends up damaging their health rather than helping.

Analysis of the Problem Mechanism
Some of the causes for choosing the wrong preventive measure are that people only have a low level of awareness due to the difficulty to predict future diseases, and that people do not have an understanding of the correct preventive measures.

Design of the Solution
We have thought that it would be possible to judge the health condition of a person, predict their risk of developing possible future diseases based on evidence, and choose the medically correct preventive measures, therefore we decided to pursue this goal.

Strategic Partnering
To acquire collaboration from specialists and specialized corporations, we first explained doctors and large IT corporations the importance of choosing the correct preventive measures.With them who agree with the social significance of our project, we are building a system to predict the risk of possible future diseases.

Project Management
We first created a project overview that shows the entire project before proceeding.
Based on the project overview, we have been asking for insight from specialists in the areas that require high professional knowledge such as medicine and IT skills. We are always conscious of the client’s expectations as we proceed with the project.

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