Marketing support for lithium ion storage battery sales expansion

Marketing support for lithium ion storage battery sales expansion
Project Summary

In order to help progress lithium ion battery deployment, we analyzed the challenges consumers face in installing lithium ion. Then we suggested the following as recommended solutions: 1) collaboration with house makers, 2) participation in aggregator business, 3) sales expansion plan including zero energy house promotion.

While “energy creation “and “energy conservation” were actively addressed, awareness towards “energy storage” remained low
In recent years measures against global warming have been taken in the areas of “energy creation” and “energy conservation.” In the housing market measures such as photovoltaic power generation systems installation, promotion for housing remodeling designed for energy saving and dissemination of zero energy houses have been actively addressed. In contrast, “energy storage” which is to store energy during the day and utilize at night time, was not well known. As such, major electric manufacturer was faced with challenges in expanding the household lithium ion storage battery sales.

Planned short-term & mid-term measures for household lithium ion storage battery sales expansion
We investigated the entire process, from the consideration phase to decision making phase, that general households go through in purchasing lithium-ion storage batteries. We analyzed challenges people face in each phase then made a short-term & mid-term sales expansion plan.
As short-term measures, we suggested that they do joint marketing with house makers and use collaborative adverts and that they enhance their sales tools and include tools such as impact simulation tool.
As mid-term measures, with the goal to expand net new channels (especially condominium) we conducted the followings:

・Collaboration with corporates that deal with property-for-rent
・Power aggregator business that use household lithium-ion batteries
・Zero energy housing with housing manufacturers

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