Developing cell treatment for cerebral stroke

Developing cell treatment for cerebral stroke
Project Summary

Developed cell treatment medicine “NCS-01,” investigational new drug. With this now furthering our development aiming to establish treatment methods for otherwise incurable cerebral stroke.

Hope is rising for “ regenerative medicine”
Hope is rising for “regenerative medicine” which can restore structure and function of otherwise incurable illness.Stem cells that can be changed (differentiated) into various cells have long been expected to be useful for new therapeutic methods, but in recognition of the discovery of iPS cells by Japanese Nobel Prize-winning stem cell researcher Professor Shinya Yamanaka in 2006, such momentum to make the treatments available is rising.

Cerebral stroke medicine using “mesenchymal stem cells”
In 2004, 2 years prior the discovery of iPS cells, e-solutions had an opportunity to learn about cerebral stroke medicine using mesenchymal stem cells (*). Under the collaboration with several companies we established NC Medical Research Co., Ltd. with the goal to commercialize cerebral stroke medicine.NC Medical Research is running as a “virtual organization.” The entire R&D is outsourced allowing reduced fixed costs which enables sustainable running of the organization. Today, this organizational structure is often adopted by many bio startup companies and pharmaceutical companies.

*Mesenchymal stem cells are somatic stem cells which can differentiate into various cells such as osteoblasts, chondrocytes, muscle cells, adipocytes, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessel, cardiac muscle, nervous system (brain, retina etc.)

Promoted the development of “allogeneic cells” based treatment
Initially, we were focused on “autologous cells” based treatment in Japan. In this approach, we grow cells outside of the body then implant them back to the body. This “autologous cell” treatment however has low industrial potential. In order to make the medicine widely available for many patients, it was necessary to move forward with “allogeneic cells” based treatment where we work with healthy donors in developing medicine. Also, at that time in Japan, the laws and development support around regenerative medicine was not yet in place.In 2008, we relocated our development base to the United States, and promoted the development in “allogeneic cells” based treatment. With this we were able to develop cell treatment medicine “NCS-01,” investigational new drug. Now we are furthering our development aiming to establish treatment methods.

Increasing domestic momentum is pushing the domestic development
After Professors Yamanaka was awarded Nobel Prize in 2012, expectations for regenerative medicine heightened in Japan. In 2014 the law on regenerative medicine was revised. Under this revision, it is now possible to receive approval in a short period of time, such as 2 years, and bring products to the market. Companies that specialize in cell cultivation as entrusted business and supporting companies also are entering into this field of regenerative medicine. Overall support system for regenerative medicine development is in place.

At NC Medical Research, we continue to develop cerebral stroke medicine aiming to deliver treatments to patients as soon as possible.

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