Smart City / Environment Round Table Meeting

Smart City / Environment Round Table Meeting
Project Summary

For the Round Table Meeting involving Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Minister for Environment and Food of Denmark and private companies, we invited 14 Japanese leading companies in the discussion and facilitated the session.

“Smart City / Environment Round Table Meeting” was held
On March 7th 2017, Denmark Embassy and TMG co-hosted the “Smart City / Environment Round Table Meeting” while the Minister of Environment and Food, Kingdome of Denmark, was visiting Tokyo. At this meeting, discussion session was held involving private companies on the topics around “Food Waste” and “ How to realize Hydrogen Society.” We initiated the participation of 14 leading companies for this session and facilitated the discussion.

For “Food Waste”, we discussed how we can share information across supply chain using big data and IT and how we can improve the accuracy of food demand forecast, thereby contribute to food waste reduction. Also the need for consumers’ mindset change regarding expiration date was talked about.

As for “How to realize Hydrogen Society,” the safety of hydrogen, and its existing usage such as FCV and FC bus, electricity and heat usage via fuel battery were debated. Also discussed promotion of low-carbon society by generating hydrogen using the renewable energy which is made outside of Tokyo then transported to Tokyo. With the momentum from this Round Table discussion, promotion of Tokyo Smart City is expected to accelerate.

Denmark being the front runner in Food Waste and Environment energy policy
Denmark is addressing the issue of food waste as its national policy and is engaged in its execution for food reduction conducting from field study, research, policy making, and to public and private collaboration.

For energy policy, Denmark’s growth strategy, “Denmark 2020” states that they aim to“ Realize green and sustainable society, and will become world Top 3 in energy efficiency”. Also stated that they aim for wind energy to occupy a 50% slice of its electricity generation and they phase out fossil fuels by 2050. Also defined the usage of hydrogen as large source storage of renewable energy. We are promoting the joint projects involving companies within and outside of Denmark.

TMG promoting food waste reduction and Smart City via Hydrogen Society
In Tokyo, over 270,000 tons of food is wasted annually. This accounts for 4,7% of Japan’s total food waste which is at 643,000 tons. The amount generated from retailers and restaurant business is 130,000 tons accounting for nearly half of the total amount. Tokyo has run campaigns aimed to build awareness for this. One example they did is they have distributed for free the emergency food supply whose expiry date was nearing.

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