Team Minus 6%
Project Summary

Planed and managed the national movement aimed for carbon emission reduction, typified by “Cool Biz.” Since the start in 5 year time nearly 35,000 companies joined with over 334,000 individuals participated. This became a historical national movement.

Foundation of “Team 6%” collaborating with Ministry of Environment and advert agencies
After “Kyoto Protocol” took effect in February 2005, Japan was in need to create full-fledged national policy. Then the environment protection mindset among people was still very low, requiring some action to invoke behavior change. e-solutions took initiative and planned “national movement” to address this challenge. Working both with the leading parties, Ministry of Environment and government, as well as advert agencies, the key to this campaign, “Team -6%” was established with then Prime Minister, Mr. Koizumi as a team leader.

Leaning from conventional national movements
Many national movements were tried in the past. Some struggled to gain awareness, some ended as one-off project, leaving little success. With this background, e-solutions ran analysis and discovered some “pitfall” – “ policy announcement by the nation only,” “too many messages and information”, “lack of evaluation criteria.”
Decided to focus on “too many messages and information.” Initiatives that were then widespread to over 300 initiatives were narrowed down to 6 Acts, thereby decided that any actions should follow these 6 Acts. The first Act of the 6 was “Act1: Reduction via temperature control,” later to become a well-known concept “Cool-Biz.”

High ROI campaign
In running this “national movement,” efficient initiatives were designed first based on information theory to generate maximized impacts with limited budget. One example is that when leading companies send out messages, made sure they were synched up, called “focused campaign.” This enabled large advert exposure causing ripple effects where media picked up on them. This leverage effects brought large awareness impact greater than the investment amount.

Detailed process management
Executing multiple initiatives with many parties required detailed process management. After roles and responsibilities were clarified, role-based meetings were held such as steering committee and subcommittee meeting, ensuring the solid entire project management. Also clear evaluation criteria and its method were employed and feedback cycle was put in place to secure steady progress of the project.

Historical national movement
These initiatives involved nearly 35,000 companies and over 334,000 individual, and the participation is still rising. For the original purpose, carbon emission reduction, approximately 1,4 million tons of reduction was realized in three year time since the start, which is equivalent of the monthly carbon emission of 3 million households. We feel honored that we were able to contribute to achieve goals with “Kyoto Protocol.” Additionally Cool-Biz / Warm Biz products and services generated over 330 billing JPY production, bringing economic impacts as well.
As of 2016, its awareness level is over 90%, and established as a culture among citizens.

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