INITIATIVES ON SOCIAL ISSUES Disease Awareness/Disease Prevention

Support a rich life of 100 years by improving health awareness through “personalization”.

As the world is so full of information on preventive measures and diseases, we believe it is difficult for consumers to consider this information and determine the medical validity and applicability to their lives.We are working on driving disease prevention with an emphasis on personalization and disease awareness with an emphasis on marketing perspectives.

Accelerate development of the concepts through collaboration with academia and government

Home health risk prevention project

In order to make disease prevention relevant to each person, we felt that if we could predict and present the risk of developing possible future diseases and propose disease prevention based on established medical evidence, health will be improved based on correct preventive actions.
We are currently working on achieving the realization of the concept through acquiring collaboration from specialists and specialized corporations, and building the project overview.

Depression awareness campaign

e-solutions has built a system where public institutions, university hospitals, general practitioners, industrial physicians (health management offices of major corporations), private companies, and the media seamlessly collaborate, and created a foothold for public-private sector partnerships to address depression.
As a result, this campaign achieved an effect (in terms of advertising) that was approximately ten times greater than the PR budget.

Initiative for improving the rate of people undergoing cancer screening

With the cancer screening uptake rate hovering around 20%, we created a strategy for a campaign to improve the cancer screening uptake rate, based on the Basic Plan to Promote Cancer Control Programs launched by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.
As a result, we were able to contribute to the increase of the national cancer screening uptake rate.

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